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Ambassadors with Aloha, Kekoa standing over Hawaii

Our Mission

AVVA is more than a brand, it’s a philosophy of honoring the global roots connecting unique cultures, individuals, and the natural world throughout the many facets of life. Understanding those powerful connections is encapsulated in our logos two intertwining V’s, symbolizing unity and respect, concepts sacred to the Hawaiian culture where our shared roots run very deep. We are forever striving to nurture our unique platform of mixing street culture, action sports, and fashion that push the boundaries of creativity while being heavily influenced by the elements. Those who embrace this movement are our ‘Ambassadors With Aloha’ and their endless passion is the driving force behind everything we do.

AVVA’s dedicated team of passionate individuals were brought together because of their mutual love of the ocean and a desire to share that reverence with others. Our apparel is designed from the ground up to celebrate the humbling feeling of awe experienced when we stop to admire the world before us. We are incredibly proud of what AVVA’s achieved, but it would be a hollow victory if we didn’t use our success to protect the landscapes and ecosystems that inspired it. This core truth has driven us to partner and collaborate with organizations, non-profits, and events that advance the ongoing fight to protect this beautiful world. At the very root of being an AVVA Ambassador is the relentless, fearless, and proud defense of nature, so that future generations can stand awestruck and inspired by the elements around us.


Kekoa surfing on a large wave


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