About our founder

Kekoa Cazimero, Founder of AVVA, is a Professional Surfer, Native Hawaiian, Athlete, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist. Having competed on some of the world's largest stages surfing as a 5x consecutive Hawaii State Champion, Open Men's National Governor's Cup winner, participant in multiple World Surf League events and a competitor in the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing event on the famed North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, Kekoa grew up with a lifestyle traveling the world in search of perfect waves and collaborating with multiple action sports brands as an athlete. 

AVVA Brand

AVVA introduces a new & modern take on surf culture. Rooted in surf, influenced by the streets, & produced with ALOHA. We are forever striving to nurture our unique platform of mixing street culture, action sports, and fashion that push the boundaries of creativity while being heavily influenced by the elements. Those who embrace and join this movement are our Ambassadors With Aloha' and their ALOHA is the driving force behind everything we do. Offering fresh colors and unique print treatments elevating classic silhouettes, mixing street wear looks with surf inspiration. Take note of AVVA’s attention to detail showcasing unparalled screen print techniques, unique logo placements on premium blanks.

Surfer owned. Surfer operated. 

About US

AVVA's dedicated team of individuals & athletes were brought together because of their mutual love & respect of the ocean and a desire to share that bond with others. Our apparel is designed from the ground up influenced by the streets and proven & tested in Hawaiian waters. We are incredibly proud of what AVVA's achieved, but it would be a hollow victory if we didn't use our success to protect and preserve the ecosystems and coastlines that inspired it. This core truth has driven us to partner and collaborate with organizations, non-profits, and events that advance the ongoing fight to protect what has given Founder Kekoa Cazimero the platform to do what he does best.